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When watch the games of hockey, we often see that the players who wear from different team will fight. We find that only in the NHL, fights are not prohibited by official order because the player easily get hurt and are also tore up. In the race, there will be friction inevitably due to the intense rivalry between the players and they had to wear cheap NHL jerseys of their own team to clearly recognize teammates. Therefore, in order to increase the entertainment spectacle and correctly guide the player’s anger, NHL basically acquiesces to the behavior of fights.

It is possible for any physical confrontation sports to cause physical clashes, so it is necessary to have good cheap NHL jerseys. It is quite dangerous for player that the hockey rule specifies no fight. If the fights happens, the player who wear may be impulsive use hands, feet and sticks to cause much more damage. For example, the jerseys will be tore up, even though the jerseys is high-quality which is cheap jerseys from China. In the course of the game, in order to meet the need for tactics, on the other hand, to increase the degree of antagonism and fierce competition to attract more audience and get the supply from manufacturers, such as cheap jerseys from China. Some of the intense physical confrontation will not be stopped by referee. This unspoken rule is mainly prevalent in NHL, so as to take advantage of aesthetics of violence to draw attention for commercial purposes like the supply of cheap jerseys. Players will wear cheap NHL jerseys to help the supplier achieve commercial purposes. Furthermore, an enforcer who is specialized in fighting will exist in the team in order that players can vent their feelings, at the meantime, reduce the extent of injury.

Collision, provocative, even fighting are the the common scene in NHL. Players, wearing cheap jerseys, will fight to vent their anger. The team have a special role in charge of the fight, known as enforcer who also wear cheap NHL jerseys, and fans and referees are accustomed to it as a part of hockey. They also have their own rules: for example, an enforcer want to challenge players who wear opponents’ cheap jerseys and are unwilling to fight, then the referee will immediately stepped forward to stop.